The Houston region is home to 10 of the "Toxic 100."

Where the most harmful industrial polluters are located

February 26th, 2020

The Houston region is home to 10 of the "Toxic 100."

Research from the Environmental Integrity Project has identified the "Toxic 100" facilities that stand the risk of harming the health of the most Americans.

"The Houston metropolitan area is home to 10 of the Toxic 100. A total of 410 facilities in the metro region account for 6 percent of the toxic emissions reported nationally," write Traci D. Blackmon and Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.

Using publicly available data from 2018 from the Environmental Protection Agency about emissions from more than 15,000 facilities, the research, published in a report by the United Church of Christ and organized into an interactive map, shows that 1.6 million people live within three miles of the so-called "Toxic 100" — and nearly 113,000 of those people are children younger than 5. "Our government is putting our children at the heart of a health experiment with lifelong consequences, and children who already suffer from multiple injustices bear the brunt," write Blackmon and Chavis, Jr.

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