'This is their planet,' says EDF's Shannon Thomas.

Young people are leading the way with climate action

December 6th, 2019

'This is their planet,' says EDF's Shannon Thomas.

"Climate and the environment have become defining issues for many young people," writes the Houston Chronicle's Perla Trevizo. "While some conservative leaders question the science behind climate change, including how much humans are to blame, younger people increasingly see it as an urgent issue."

Why? “People are realizing (that) maybe our representatives in federal office aren’t taking the climate movement seriously enough, and young people are willing to hold politicians accountable for their future,” 350 Houston's Lia Millar tells Trevizo.

And Shannon Thomas, the manager for the Environmental Youth Council, a program of the Environmental Defense Fund at three schools in Houston located the industrial pollution of the Ship Channel, says, "We are trying to prepare the next generation of environmental leaders. This is their planet.”

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