Turn Out for Texas

Environmental organizations support Texans' right to take part in democracy.

Texas just had one of the highest turnouts of voters in decades. House Bill 6 and Senate Bill 7 would keep that from happening again.

We, the undersigned organizations, believe our democracy works best when everyone is empowered to take part. These bills should not become law.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, in counties large and small, urban, rural and suburban, turnout rose. Starr County increased nearly 15 percent, and Hays County nearly 12 from the previous election. For the first time in 30 years, more than 70 percent of Travis County residents turned out. In Harris County, more people showed up to cast their ballots than in any previous election before early voting had even ended. Everywhere, more voters were able to make their voices heard, with extended early voting, expanded access to mail-in ballots, dropboxes, drive-through sites and more polling places, some with 24-hour access.

But some lawmakers propose restricting these very popular measures, while implementing others that could lead to voter intimidation, reinforcing a shameful history of disenfranchisement and systemic racism in Texas.

There should be a direct line from every Texan’s home to the ballot box — that’s because there’s a direct line from there to the laws that shape the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places where we live, work, play and pray.

Any attempt to restrict access to the ballot box is a violation of our constitutional right to shape those laws. Some of the same communities — largely Black and Latino ones — who will be impacted most by these restrictions are the ones who have been targeted historically by polluting industries and denied the full protection of the law, while living with disproportionate impacts to their health and wealth.

The 2020 election, as dozens of audits and court rulings determined, had integrity. We believe our state and our country are stronger when our democracy includes everyone. We stand together with all who are working to ensure that even more of us can make our voices heard and shape the future of our great state.

Achieving Community Tasks Successfully
Air Alliance Houston
Bayou City Waterkeeper
Chispa TX
Clean Water Action
Coalition of Community Organizations
East Harris County Empowerment Council
Environmental Community Advocates of Galena Park
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Integrity Project
Environment Texas
Healthy Port Communities Coalition
Houston Climate Movement
Moms Clean Air Force
National Wildlife Federation
One Breath Partnership
Public Citizen Texas
Save Our Springs Alliance
Sierra Club, Houston Group
Sierra Club, Lone Star
Sunnyside Community Redevelopment Organization
Texas Campaign for the Environment
Texas Center for Policy Studies
Turtle Island Restoration Network
West Street Recovery